Can You Pressure Wash Your Roof

Have you recently checked your roof and discovered built-up grime, algae, or moss? Many homeowners who find their roof shingles dirty may want to break out the pressure washer. However, using a pressure washer on your roof could damage the shingles and the material underneath them.

How can you clean your roof if you can’t pressure wash them? Learn about the right way to wash your roof with these tips from your local roof cleaning experts.

What Happens If You Pressure Wash Your Roof?

Roofing tiles can withstand the elements well, including rain, wind, and hail. However, a pressure washer concentrates a high amount of water in a powerful stream, putting too much centralized pressure on each tile. This pressure can cause roof shingles to crack or break, exposing important structural parts beneath them and weakening your roof as a whole.

Besides the potential damage to your roof, using a pressure washer requires you to climb up on your roof with a heavy, high-powered cleaning tool. If you lose your balance, you may get severely injured. For safety’s sake and in the interest of keeping your roof intact, avoid using a pressure washer to clean your roof.

What If I Still Want to Pressure Wash My Roof?

If you insist on using a pressure washer, focus on safety first. After lifting your pressure washer to your roof, position the pump on the flattest surface possible before using the sprayer.

Before turning on the pump, use a foam or soap shooter to spread a cleansing agent on your shingles. Ensure that you set the pump to its gentlest setting and spray downwards from shingle seams, using a sweeping movement to clean your roof efficiently.

If you see shingles breaking away or crumbling at any point, stop immediately and assess the damage before continuing. Broken shingles may indicate a worse problem than a dirty roof.

What Is the Best Method for Roof Cleaning?

Depending on the amount of dirt and debris, you can use several techniques to clean your roof. A leaf blower will take care of leaves, sticks, and other loose matter, though always point the nozzle away from the seam of your shingles. If you see mold, mildew, or moss streaks, use chemical cleaners and a garden spray attached to your hose to remove them.

If your roof shingles still look dingy or discolored after a vigorous cleaning, you may need to replace them. Many homeowners can safely install a few new shingles themselves. However, a roof full of old, shabby shingles may require the services of a professional roofing company.

Get a Cleaner Roof with Professional Pressure Washers

Many homeowners wanting a clean roof may want to try pressure washing it themselves. However, the professionals at Puget Power Washing have experience in providing safe, efficient roof cleanings that don’t damage your roofing shingles. Call 206-701-9280 to learn more about expert roof cleanings service from Puget Power Washing.

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