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Do you notice moss or lichen growing on your roof? What about black streaks? Does the buildup of dirt and grime become more and more noticeable by the day? If you’re experiencing any of these problems, there’s only one solution—you need professional roof cleaning.

Without the proper upkeep, cracks and other signs of corrosion will begin to appear, your roof will suffer from leaks, and it won’t be able to protect your home adequately from the elements. That’s where we come in. Our team at Puget Power Washing offers quality soft wash roof cleaning solutions that fully restore the form and function of your roof.

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Signs That Your Roof Needs Specialized Cleaning

Here are a few tell-tale signs that your roof could use professional cleaning care. If you notice any of these indicators, give our friendly experts a call so that we can quickly remedy the problem.


Algae can quickly take over your roof and form black, unsightly streaks across its surface. Algae not only does a number on your curb appeal, but it can also compromise the quality of your roofing. When left unchecked, the algae will feed off the materials of your roof and leave it susceptible to water damage. This problem can cut the life of your roof in half in some cases and should be treated immediately the moment you spot it.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can appear as patches of growth on your roof, and they can come in a variety of colors like brown, green, gray, and black. These fungus issues can eventually spread inside your home and cause structural damage, poor indoor air quality, and even health issues for vulnerable members of your household. Most forms of fungal growth on roofs stem from clogged and dirty gutters. For this reason, we also provide comprehensive gutter cleaning to ensure your roof stays cleaner for longer.

Moss and Lichen

Unfortunately for our roofs, moss and lichen feel right at home in Washington’s temperate climate. Shingle and tile roofing are particularly susceptible to this problem because they can root and grow on each slate. Moss and lichen will corrode the material and create small spaces for water to penetrate the roofing framework. Eventually, your roof may start leaking, leading to indoor water damage and more harmful microbial growth. To prevent this costly problem, we employ specific cleaning methods that remove existing growth and discourage it from coming back in the future.

Dirt and Debris

Sometimes, your roof isn’t riddled with moss and algae or black streaks—it just looks dirty. Dust, grime, fallen leaves and twigs, and other debris invite bacteria and other microorganisms to grow and multiply. Wind and rain will also carry these materials into your gutter system, clog it, and leave your property susceptible to water damage. Our cleaning solutions are the best way to prevent these problems and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Benefits of Roof cleaning in seattle

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At Puget Power Washing, we don’t resort to cookie-cutter pressure washing techniques that can potentially damage your roof. Instead, we make sure to use the proper soft washing method and cleaning product to best tackle your roofing problem.

Not only will regular roof cleaning make your home look good, but it also offers many long-term benefits, like those listed below.

1. Curb Appeal

As the best-case scenario, a dirty roof might look reasonably acceptable from a distance. Still, any stains, streaks, and debris will become more visible the closer you get to the driveway.

Our soft-washing method can effectively refresh your roof’s appearance and greatly enhance your home’s curb appeal. You might not be planning to sell your home any time soon, but it’s always a good practice to safeguard one of your most significant investments.

2. Roof Durability and Longevity

Over time, dust, grime, mold, and other debris won’t just make your roof more unsightly. Most of these materials can be corrosive, slowly eating away at your roofing material and prompting you to repair or replace it prematurely.

By investing in regular soft washing, you can preserve the life span of your roof and avoid expensive issues. Any proactive choices you make involving home maintenance will always save you money in the long run.

3. Safety

Dirty, ill-maintained roofing is more prone to mold growth, pest infestations, and other hazards that can eventually make their way to your interior spaces. These problems can affect the health of your household by causing allergies, diseases, and weakened immune systems. With a regularly cleaned roof, you can protect yourself and your family from these risks.

4. Potential Energy Savings

Did you know that a dirty roof can cause your property’s energy consumption to rise? Roofing surfaces lose insulation the more they get covered in dust and debris, which means they won’t be as effective at keeping out the outdoor heat or cold.

By maintaining your roof, you can lower your air conditioning and heating usage and, in turn, your electricity bills.

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Our team at Puget Power Washing guarantees a cleaning service that covers every part of your roof. Many people in Washington trust us with their homes because we provide:

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of regular roof cleaning? Whether you own shingle, tile, or metal roofing, our team at Puget Power Washing is up to the task. Please request a free estimate or book our services by calling 206-701-9280 today!

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