Drive Through Cleaning

Every year, hundreds of businesses across the Greater Seattle-Tacoma Area lose thousands of dollars of revenue by skipping routine drive-thru cleaning. It’s one of the most profitable tools you can utilize to grow your business by saving your customers time and effort.

In the post-pandemic era, analysts say that drive-thru lanes will become even more popular as more people have become accustomed to dining at home, getting their groceries on the go, and buying more lifestyle items without getting out of their cars.

A drive-thru lane in Seattle is always a high-traffic area. It plays host to hundreds of trucks, cars, and motorcycles every day. It catches more oil leaks, brake fluid spills, and more pollutants from vehicle emissions than any other part of a commercial property.

If your drive-thru lane is unkempt, it can create a negative impression, even on your most loyal customers. It’s one of the trickiest areas of any store to clean.

Be sure to hire a competent professional pressure washing service to deal with the grunt work cleaning your drive-thru lanes and free yourself up to do more income-generating activities.

At Puget Power Washing, we’re proud to be the number one pressure washing service in Seattle. Our experts receive hundreds of five-star reviews on independent websites and social media pages. Call us today for a free quote on drive-thru cleaning.

Drive Through Cleaning Seattle
Drive Through Cleaning Seattle

Why Do You Need Professional Drive-Thru Cleaning?

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Our drive-thru cleaning team receives hundreds of calls every month from food service business owners who need to comply with city health and building codes. Dirt, grease, and allergens can build up on drive-thru lanes, making them unsafe for employees and guests.

The OSHA, EPA, CDC, and FDA have detailed exhaustive recommendations on sanitizing drive-thru lanes on their websites. Some states consider them part of commercial food and product preparation, requiring restaurants to clean them as often as checkout counters, equipment handles, and grocery carts.

Even if the government allowed businesses to self-regulate, a clean drive-thru always sends a positive message to your customers like no other marketing campaign. It tells them that you care about their welfare and the health of your employees. It also subconsciously reminds them that you offer exceptional products and services, unlike other shops in your area that might have soiled and rundown drive-thru lanes and storefronts.

Why Choose Puget Power Washing?

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Even though power washing has been around for decades, our business in Seattle has been expanding recently. Our experts at Puget Power Washing are the most experienced and versatile power washing professionals in coastal Washington. We’re highly trained and proficient in a wide array of hard and soft washing techniques.

Our pressure washers can remove even the toughest tire stains and chemical spills. We also use environmentally friendly cleaning products that can eliminate all types of microbes and bacteria.

Drive Through Cleaning Seattle

Get Professional Cleaning for Your Drive-Thru Today

Hiring people with insufficient power washing experience or trying to do it yourself can lead to cracked tiles, damaged drive-thru windows, and surfaces that are still not clean.

Our licensed drive-thru cleaning experts have decades of maintenance experience under their belt. Call us at Puget Power Washing in Seattle today at 206-701-9280 for a free, no-obligation cost estimate.

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