Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels provide a great way to energize your home in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. However, keeping them nice and clean is much easier said than done. Solar Panels become prone to all sorts of imperfections, such as dust, dirt, bird poop, grime, and other detrimental substances that can significantly decrease their performance. In fact, studies show that dirty solar panels lose 25% of their effectiveness. Keep your solar panels in prime condition with Puget Power Washing’s fantastic solar panel cleaning service.

If you’re searching for a reliable and efficient solar panel cleaning service, look no further than Puget Power Washing. We provide high-quality solar panel cleaning to Seattle residents looking to get the most out of their solar panels. Our fully licensed and certified team handles all your solar panel cleaning needs, ensuring you receive a thorough professional cleaning every time you retain our services. We’ve helped countless Seattle residents cleanse their solar panels, and we can do the same for you at an affordable price.

solar panel cleaning Seattle

Why Hire a Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service?

Cleaning your solar panels without the proper tools or train presents multiple unnecessary risks. Let’s review a few reasons to hire the experts at Puget Power Washing next time you need solar panel cleaning.


Climbing on top of your roof creates a potentially dangerous scenario. However, adding an electric solar panel to the situation increases the danger tenfold. Untrained solar panel cleaners run the risk of electrocuting themselves and falling off the roof. The professionals at Puget Power Washing know the correct solar panel cleaning techniques and take every safety precaution necessary to prevent unsafe conditions.


Solar panels are more delicate than you might think. They require more than just soapy water to clean and become easily damaged if you don’t have the proper training. Puget Power Washing has vast experience cleaning various solar panels and only uses the best cleaning supplies and pressure washers on the market today. We ensure your solar panels get as clean as possible, so your home receives optimal solar power for weeks to come.


Leaving dust, grime, and other unsightly substances on your solar panels leaves them prone to damaging hot spots. If you have a warranty, hot spots will nullify it and leave you with unprotected solar panels. The Puget Power Washing team offers routine solar panel cleaning that prevents hot spots and other damages that void your warranty.

solar panel cleaning Seattle

Get a Professional Solar Panel Cleaning From Puget Power Washing Today!

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Puget Power Washing is Seattle’s premier solar panel cleaning service. We provide unmatched solar panel cleaning that will increase your home’s solar energy while heightening its curbside appeal. If you want your solar panels to reach their full potential, you need Puget Power Washing.

Don’t damage your solar panels and run the risk of nullifying your warranty if you clean your solar panels yourself. Contact Puget Power Washing and get superior solar panels cleaning that will last for months. Don’t wait. Call Puget Power Washing today!

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