How Many Times Do You Need to Clean Your Gutters a Year?

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Gutter cleaning is just as important as other property maintenance tasks, especially with Washington’s seasonal changes. But how often should you clean your gutters?

Let’s dive into what Washington property owners need to know about gutter cleaning to keep things running smoothly.

Commons Signs That It’s Time For Gutter Cleaning

Roofers and cleaning experts alike recommend gutter cleaning every six months. However, you don’t need to wait until the next scheduled cleaning. For example, the following situations call for urgent cleaning to keep your gutters functioning well:

Animals or Pests on the Roof

If you notice animals and pests on your roof, call for a professional gutter cleaning service. Clogged gutters attract birds, squirrels, insects, and more. If you don’t take immediate action, you might even end up with a serious rodent infestation.

Water Overflowing on the Side

Sometimes, you can tell your gutters need cleaning by just looking at them. Are the gutters overflowing? There could be a blockage.

Not only will the water damage affect the building’s structural integrity, but it can also promote unhealthy mold growth on your home’s exterior. So, don’t wait to clean your gutters.

The Gutters are Sagging

Debris can be heavy, causing your gutters to bend or sag. Sagging gutters cannot carry water away from your building. If you don’t alleviate the weight of the debris, it may start pulling the gutter system away from your roof and wall to create even bigger problems.

Why not hire professionals to clean the gutters? You could save yourself a headache, time, and money.

You Haven’t Cleaned the Gutters in a Long Time

Like any other maintenance task, regular gutter cleaning keeps the system clear and your property safe. If you can’t recall the last cleaning, schedule local experts like Puget Power Washing. After that, a routine cleaning service should be able to keep the gutter system in optimal condition.

Clean Your Gutters Like a Professional? Rather Hire One!

Gutter cleaning is an inevitable task, but proper equipment and expertise are essential. For example, you need protective gear and a stable ladder, but you also need the know-how to accomplish this task safely. That’s why professional help is invaluable!

One tip is to never clean your gutter system while standing on the roof. There’s a real risk of falling, which can damage your roof or, worse, leave you with injuries.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Rain gutters need cleaning at least twice a year. However, two maintenance sessions might not be enough. If you don’t clean every linear foot of the gutters properly, costly repairs will follow as these vital systems fail, so don’t wait too long to schedule a cleaning.

Contact Us For Gutter Cleaning Services Today!

Gutter cleaning is messy, dangerous, and inconvenient. Why not leave it to experienced gutter cleaning professionals like Puget Power Washing’s team? They can handle any size job, no matter how many linear feet of gutters you want to clean.

Do you need gutter cleaning services in your local area? Call Puget Power Washing at 206-829-6015 today for a free estimate!

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