Graffiti Removal

For many businesses in Seattle, professional graffiti removal is not merely a tool to improve the customer experience. It’s an essential part of community beautification.

Some people consider graffiti to be one of the most innovative forms of urban art. However, numerous troublemakers use it to paint obscene images, gang signs, and other profanities on the walls of residences and commercial properties.

Today, most graffiti tags and drawings are signs of contempt and provocation, telling criminals from nearby neighborhoods that they can work in your area unchecked. As a business owner, you want to remove these as soon as possible without damaging your building’s façade.

Four Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaners for Graffiti Removal

According to the EPA, only about 5% of graffiti tags and drawings in America have some form of artistic intent behind them. Most graffiti play a significant role in gang activity and other nefarious activities. Most street artists use cheap spray paints with a high amount of VOCs, creating health risks for nearby businesses, residents, and passersby.

At Puget Power Washing, we receive hundreds of calls every year from commercial clients who would like to avoid spending thousands of dollars in repainting expenses when removing graffiti. Our exterior cleaning experts have four factors that will determine how well their work will go.

Paint Type

Vandals don’t usually hang around to inform you about the type of paint they use, and they have a broad range of staining materials readily available in hardware stores. Spray paints can have one or two substances in each can:

We use different removers and pressure washer settings for each paint type.

The Weather

The weather plays a significant role in graffiti removal jobs. Warmer temperatures in the summer will cause paint molecules to move from one surface to another more quickly, making our job much more painless. The optimal temperature for graffiti removal is 90 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, but we can work through any weather and season.

Wall Type

Graffiti on concrete, masonry, and other hard surfaces is the cheapest and quickest to remove. However, if it’s on glass, aluminum, or antique wood, we will need to employ gentler exterior cleaning techniques that might take longer to finish.


Graffiti that has been on surfaces for a long time may require more effort to penetrate and remove. Call us immediately if you see fresh graffiti on your walls, and we’ll remove it effortlessly.

Time-Tested Removal Procedures

Some types of graffiti may require powerful toxic cleaners, scalding hot water, and high-water pressure to remove. Many DIY cleaners end up paying remodelers thousands of dollars by damaging storefronts and exterior walls instead of restoring them by using pressure washers without proper training.

Our power washing professionals are licensed, bonded, and highly trained. We guarantee that our work will comply with our 100% customer satisfaction promise.

Call Us Today for Expert Graffiti Removal

If you leave graffiti on its own, it will serve as an invitation for other street artists to add more unsightly drawings and text to your exterior walls. Removing graffiti is a cost-effective way to boost the curb appeal and market value of your commercial property.

Contact Puget Power Washing today for the best graffiti removal service in Seattle. Call our customer service hotline at 206-701-9280 to get a free quote.

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