Gum Removal

Chewing gum may be fun, but have you seen what it does to sidewalks, patios, entryways, parking lots, and other public areas with a decent amount of foot traffic? Chances are you’ve stepped in gum at one point or another. Improperly disposed gum turns into a dark eyesore that can ruin concrete flooring.

Gum-free sidewalks and entryways create a good impression for your commercial property. If you have gum-stained floors, our team at Puget Power Washing provides professional gum removal services. As expert concrete cleaning contractors, we have the technical know-how and top-notch equipment to do the job right.

Gum Removal without Damaging Your Property

A common way to remove gum is by using an ice cube to freeze it. Freezing gum makes it hard and brittle. Once it’s frozen, you can scrape the gum and break it into pieces with a butter knife or other scraping tool. However, you’re still likely to have some remaining gum. You may need to remove the residue and dissolve the gum in some oil-type solvent.

If you have an extensive chewing gum problem, DIY gum removal techniques like the one mentioned above may be inefficient and time-consuming. That said, professional gum removal is best left to the experts.

At Puget Power Washing, we understand that surfaces differ. For instance, your concrete floor’s age, porosity, and density will affect how it will react to cleaning tools and techniques. Using too much pressure when removing gum from your concrete floor can permanently damage the surface.

Our team knows how to remove gum the right way without damaging your concrete floor. We combine hot water and soft wash methods to melt the gum away rather than blast it off with high pressure. In special cases, we also apply other safe gum removal processes.

Places We Remove Chewing Gum

If you have a commercial property, especially a strip mall or retail store, where gum problems are prevalent, gum removal is necessary. Gum stuck on your concrete floors can be extremely challenging to remove. Moreover, a gum-stained storefront or floor looks disorganized and unkempt.

Customers are likely to pass you by as it gives a negative impression of your business. As professional gum removal experts, our team typically restores:

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As a business owner, you should focus your energy on running your business rather than getting rid of chewing gum. With our professional gum removal services, you can count on us to keep your property shining and looking as good as new. When you hire us for gum removal, you stand to benefit from professional knowledge, experience, and equipment.

We can also offer routine maintenance to keep your property looking great all year round.

Have you got any questions? Do you need professional gum removal services? Contact us today for more information about gum removal services and get a free quote. We’re always happy to help.

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