Things to Consider Before Choosing a Pressure Washing Company

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Pressure washing is the perfect solution for thoroughly cleaning your residential or commercial property’s surfaces. Pressure washing utilizes high-powered, unheated water to remove unrelenting dirt and grime. Specialized equipment helps clean deeper than a household hose, leaving your property with a professional shine.

As is true in any other industry, not all pressure washing companies are equal. Before you choose one, you have many things to consider. We’ve compiled a few of the most crucial factors to help you find your ideal pressure washing team in your area.

Proper Credentials

It’s important that a pressure washing company has proper credentials. Any trustworthy pressure washing company should have an occupational license that shows they’re qualified to pressure wash your property. The company should also have insurance and worker’s compensation to ensure that you’re not liable for damage to your property and to protect employees in case of injury. 

The company’s technicians should have a certification that demonstrates their training and experience. The Power Washers of North America (PWNA) provide such certification after technicians complete training.

Reviews from Past Clients

Reviews and testimonials from previous clients give you a better sense of the company’s pressure washing services. While you shouldn’t base your decision on one testimonial, trends across numerous reviews are excellent indicators of the company’s work. Photos of the company’s past projects with attached reviews can help even more.


Asking about a company’s pressure washing equipment is also useful. Find out what brand of pressure washer they use to ensure it meets industry standards, and inquire about any cleaning products that could damage your property.


An experienced pressure washing company in your local area should be able to detail its process. Does the company use different techniques or equipment for cleaning your driveway versus your roof? What steps does the company take when cleaning a patio?

Questions such as these allow the company to display their pressure washing experience and knowledge and let you know whether they’re right for the job.

Flexibility and Time Frame

You’ll want to find out how long the project will take and specific times that the company will work. Ask about their time frame and see if the company is flexible in creating a schedule that works for you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee is vital for two reasons. First, it displays the pressure washing company’s confidence in its own services. If they’re willing to refund you based on poor performance, they’re more likely to deliver quality work. 

Second, a satisfaction guarantee gives you more security. If you aren’t satisfied with the job, you know you can get your money back and find a different company.


While price is important, you should focus on finding cost-effective services rather than the lowest price. If you think the cost is too good to be true, it probably is. Find a few companies you deem to be reputable, then compare quotes to find the cost-effective option.

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