Why You Should Leave Roof Cleaning to the Professionals

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A roof needs cleaning just like any other part of a home. However, unlike the rest of the house, cleaning the roof is dangerous and prone to potential issues.

Is it safe to clean your roof yourself? With all the ways it can go wrong, it’s best to let an experienced team of professional roof cleaners handle it.

Here are a few reasons you should leave roof cleaning to the pros.

Cleaning a Roof Is Dangerous

Any kind of roof work is dangerous, especially when it involves water. Spraying water everywhere will decrease the friction of your roof, making a slip more likely. Plus, working with a rented pressure washer that you’re not sure how to use provides an extra layer of risk.

Professional roof cleaning teams have the training to operate safely on a roof and the insurance to cover any accidents. A broken ankle, or worse, isn’t worth the cost of a cleaning team.

Pros Will Spot Issues with Your Roof

Even if you have experience using a pressure washer, trained roof cleaning professionals can spot additional issues with your roof. Before starting the cleaning process, professionals will check your roof for any complications, loose shingles, or potential leaks that cleaning may exacerbate. This check can avoid further damage and let you know any issues you may need to fix.

You Might Void Your Warranty

If you have a home warranty that includes your roof, pressure washing your roof yourself may void this warranty. Roofing materials are part of many home warranties, so voiding this warranty may be very costly in the long run.

Roof cleaners know this and will keep your roof in proper condition to honor the warrant with an expert roof cleaning process.

Power Washing Might Damage Your Roof

Power washing is a very effective method of cleaning outdoor spaces. But did you know that power washing improperly can cause significant damage? In particular, asphalt shingles are brittle and could easily crack or tear off the roof if you spray high-pressure water on them.

The last thing you want is to pay to repair damage to your roof right after you clean it. Professionals avoid this issue using special soft-wash techniques, and they can repair or replace any mistakes they may make while working.

A Professional Will Do the Job Right

As much as you may pride yourself in your DIY abilities, a professional will almost always be able to do the job better. With the right equipment and training, a roof cleaning professional knows how to handle any situation.

Letting a professional roof cleaner do the job will save you time and provide you with the best possible results. Let a professional handle the cleaning for the best curb appeal in your neighborhood.

Local Professional Roof Cleaning Services

Our team at Puget Power Washing is here to get the job done right. If you want to make the most out of your roof while keeping your feet safely on the ground, we’re here to help.

Call us at 206-701-9280, and let our team of professionals take care of roof cleaning for you today.

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