What to Know Before Hiring a Gutter Cleaning Company

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Getting gutter cleaning services can improve your curb appeal, reduce repair costs, and make gutter maintenance much easier. However, finding the right team for the job is essential for optimal results. The gutter cleaning professionals at Puget Power Washing are here to help you ask the right questions, so you hire a reliable, trustworthy company for your roof and gutter cleaning.

Read the following to know what you should ask your potential gutter cleaning service company for satisfactory performance.

What Methods and Equipment Do They Use? 

How does the team clean gutters? The quality of work depends on their equipment and techniques. Have the professional explain their methods and why they do what they do; any professional worth it will provide a detailed explanation of their process.

What kind of equipment do they use? Your gutter cleaning professionals should use some of the following tools to clean your gutters thoroughly:

  • Scoops and spoons
  • Pressure washers
  • Gutter wands
  • Gutter vacuums
  • Various cleaning solutions

While each company will differ in preference, they must be capable of justifying their choices. They should have the knowledge and experience to explain various cleaning styles, demonstrating a mastery of their industry.

What Are Their Safety Protocols? 

Safety is priority number one when it comes to gutter and window cleaning. Gutters are high on your roof and require a ladder to reach, and because of this, the team must provide reliable and secure safety measures to protect your property and their team.

Ensure they undergo regular safety training and use secured, inspected tools for the job. They should do the following, at a minimum: 

  • Inspect their equipment before use, specifically ladders 
  • Wear goggles, protective clothing, and nonslip shoes
  • Never work alone 
  • Have harnesses available when necessary

How Long Have They Been in Business? 

Knowing how long the team has been in business can be a good indication of their skill level. If they’re new, have they trained under anyone or taken any classes? Gutter cleaning requires skills, and professionals should have decent experience for the job.

An experienced team won’t damage your property and can provide a thorough cleaning, giving you peace of mind.

Who’s Responsible for Cleanup?

You should find out if you’re responsible for cleaning up before hiring a team. Knowing ahead of time helps you prepare and eliminates any unwanted surprises.

Do They Have Insurance and Licensing? 

Licensing and insurance protect you from accidental damages and injuries. Never hire a team without insurance or adequate licensing; you may become liable for their medical care if someone gets hurt on your property. A trustworthy and professional team will have all the security measures to protect their workers and you.

Any reliable company will provide proof of any credentials before hiring. If they don’t or refuse, you should move on to another company. Always research a company performing work on your property before hiring.

If you need a reliable gutter cleaning service in the Seattle metropolitan area, contact Puget Power Washing at 206-701-9280 and request an estimate today!

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