Should You Get A Gutter Cleaning Service?

Improper gutter cleaning can cause property damage and bodily injury or prove ineffective. A professional gutter cleaning service eliminates these concerns and prevents problems through training, experience, and high-quality equipment. The professionals at Puget Power Washing explain how professional gutter cleaning can benefit property owners and why it’s worth considering.

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Why Do Gutters Require Cleaning?

Rain gutters redirect water away from your property’s roof, foundation, and siding. Gutters ensure the building remains in peak condition and mitigate the following problems:

  • Water damage
  • Foundation flooding
  • Roof damage
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Pest infestations

When gutters become clogged with debris, such as fallen leaves, sticks, and dirt, they stop functioning. Nonfunctioning gutters create standing water on your roof, putting it under extreme weight and causing water damage throughout the building.

Water that flows off the roofs and into the gutters carries the fallen debris with it, which gets stuck in the pipes and inhibits water flow. Clean gutters protect the home; without routine gutter maintenance, you may experience significant damage to your property, creating extensive and costly repairs.

Gutter screens may prevent this, but they still allow dirt and silt to filter through and require cleaning regardless.

Why Do I Need a Professional For my Gutter Cleaning?

While many property owners consider a DIY approach, cleaning gutters without adequate training, equipment, and ability leads to significant property damage and injuries. To guarantee satisfactory results, you need professional gutter cleaning. Hiring a professional provides multiple advantages, explained in the following:

  • Training: Most property owners do not have adequate training to ensure positive results. Leave the work to a professional capable of thoroughly cleaning without causing property damage.
  • Insurance: A professional team offers trained experts protected by insurance. Insurance covers the property owner and the cleaning company during an accident, providing peace of mind.
  • Equipment: Professionals have access to high-quality equipment that surpasses over-the-counter gutter cleaning tools, providing a deeper and more effective cleaning.
  • Prevent injuries: Gutter cleaning requires ladders and soapy water, which proves a dangerous combination. Experts understand how to use ladders safely to reach even the highest gutter system without endangering themselves.

How Often Must I Clean My Gutters?

While the exact answer depends on your location and climate, most professionals prefer routine gutter cleaning every couple of months or more. Gutters fill with debris quickly and must perform adequately to prevent damage to the property. Frequent cleanings help maintain their function and prevent unnecessary damage.

Certain seasons, such as spring and fall, require more frequent cleanings. Pollen, leaves, and bird droppings occur more often during these seasons and clog gutters more often. However, you must request professional guidance to understand your property’s requirements.

Contact the Professionals Today

Hiring gutter cleaning professionals provides peace of mind, thorough cleaning, and professional services.

For a reliable and capable team with quality customer service, contact Puget Power Washing. We have years of experience helping local residents maintain their homes and use professional-grade equipment and techniques to deliver unsurpassed results every time. If you need gutter cleaning in the Seattle metropolitan area, contact Puget Power Washing at 206-701-9280 and request an estimate today!

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