Professional Pressure Washing vs. DIY Pressure Washing

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Most homeowners understand the benefits of pressure washing, but deciding between a DIY job and hiring a professional can be challenging. The professionals at Puget Power Washing explain the pros and cons of DIY vs. professional services, so you can determine which works best for your needs.

The team at Puget Power Washing has years of experience with professional exterior washing services and can help you with your residential and commercial needs. Continue reading to see what these professionals say.

DIY Pressure Washing Services 


Many opt for DIY pressure washing, and with the proper experience, it may work for you. Some of the benefits of DIY power washing services are as follows:

  • May be cheaper
  • Easy to find a rented pressure washer on a per-day basis
  • You maintain complete control over the process

For home or business owners that feel confident in their pressure-washing abilities, DIY may be the best route. With complete control over the process, you can decide what receives cleaning, what cleaning solutions you use, and when it happens.


However, several disadvantages come with doing this job yourself. The following explains some cons:

  • It’s a dangerous job that may cause injury
  • You might damage your property
  • Without training, you won’t receive professional results
  • It takes several hours or days to complete, wasting your time and money

Most home and business owners do not have the training and equipment for effective and high-pressure washing, unlike the local pressure washing experts. This makes DIY pressure washing dangerous. A pressure washer is exceptionally powerful and can make you fall off a ladder or injure another person.

For the desired results, hiring professionals for this job is best.

Professional Pressure Washing Services


Getting help from a professional pressure washing company has pros and cons, but the advantages outweigh the cons. Consider the following benefits of hiring a professional pressure washer:

  • Insurance covers any damage or injuries received from the job, eliminating your risk
  • You’ll always receive a professional, exceptional cleaning
  • You’ll have free time to spend on more important things
  • Professional services require a one-time expense, as opposed to shopping around for supplies

A professional guarantees a quality job and will ensure your satisfaction afterward. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that the washing gets done perfectly and on time, without the hassles of doing it yourself.


There are some disadvantages to hiring a professional, explained in the following:

  • You have to research the company
  • It might be more expensive

If you’re not careful, you may hire the wrong company and receive lower-quality work. With some research, however, you can find a professional cleaning company providing excellent customer service to help you with any problems.


Are you looking for the perfect pressure washing company to help you maintain your property? Puget Power Washing provides exceptional pressure washing services and guarantees satisfactory results with every job. If you need a comprehensive pressure washing service, contact Puget Power Washing at 206-701-9280 and request an estimate.

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