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Why should I have my Gutters Cleaned?


A build up of leaves and debris can clog your gutters, restricting proper flow to the downspouts, causing water to flood over the top of the gutters. If left unattended your roof will eventually absorb the moisture causing roof rot. This is the primary reason to clean your gutters. 


If the gutters are left unattended and remain clogged, the water will overflow out the top of the gutters, draining down along the siding and eventually to the foundation of the structure. Overtime if the foundation is wet, having absorbed the overflow water, it can freeze and this will cause a cluster of cracks along the foundation. In extreme cases, this can lead to severe structural damage, resulting is structural failure. 


Gutters that are stuffed with leaves and debris can cause mold to develop in your attic. Water tends to take the path of least resistance. When the water can’t properly flow through the down spouts, an amount of it will inevitably seep its way into the roof structure and into your attic, creating a mold problem that can quickly multiply due to the proliferous nature of mold spores. 


Unfortunately this clogged mess of debris building up in the gutters can be seen a convenient nesting spot for a number of critters such as birds, squirrels, and mosquitoes. So by making sure these areas are properly maintained, you take away this alluring nesting ground for unwanted critters in your home. 


Another consequence of clogged gutters, is that the water that overflows out the tops of the gutters is that drips over garden beds and causes over water- which unhealthy and damaging to plants and the overall health of your beautiful garden. Too much water is a problem. 


When your gutters are clogged water is held within them. Water is heavy, and gutters are not meant to carry that much weight. We see it all the time. We go to a house that has had clogged gutters for a bit too long, and while cleaning we come to find that the gutters brackets have been detached, bent, and damaged due to too much weight being carried in the gutters.

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