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We also offer an in-depth professional cleaning and staining of fences and decks, which, time and time again results in a remarkable like-new difference. Here in the Puget Sound region, we get the worst of the worst, when it comes to weathering wood surfaces- lots of UV rays in the summer, and profuse rain and moisture during the other seasons. This is what tends to give weathered decks and fences that aged graying look. However, when you maintain your decks/fences you’re prolonging their life, while keeping them beautiful as well. With the right choice of stain, paired with the correct method of cleaning/restoration, you preserve the wood for years to come.

Our years of experience paired with our state of the art surface cleaning equipment, we have the precision and whereabouts with safely cleaning your deck. Whether its wood, composite, or any other synthetic material, can restore your deck, bringing back the vitality of the wood and restoring the like-new condition it was once in. Let us help you bring the life back to your hangout space and revive the aesthetic appeal to your deck.

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