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Driveway Clenaing

With all the rainfall in our beloved Puget Sound region fast-growing fungus, mold and grime accumulate on concrete, making regular concrete cleaning a necessity. As a result, specialized pressure washing throughout the Puget Sound has become the preeminent solution to removing unsightly stains in a fast, clean, safe and environmentally conscious way. Although it may seem unnecessary, keeping all the concrete surfaces around your home attractive and safe to walk on is an easy way maintain value, and garner praise from guests and potential buyers alike.

Walkways, entryways, parking areas, and sidewalks are all exposed to a lot of traffic that can lead to unsightly marks, stains, and grease buildup. Whether it’s family and friends, your neighbors, or potential buyers for your home, a dirty sidewalk or concrete doesn’t look good to anyone. Moreover, years of unaddressed wear and tear to your concrete can cause major problems. When the alternative is regular maintenance like a pressure wash and seal to protect your property from the seasons, why not avoid costly concrete repair and replacement that can put a serious dent in your wallet.

In addition to leaving an unattractive blemish on your property and its value, certain oil and grease stains can be hazardous to children, pets, or great aunt Janet if she slips. With feet and paws running around all over the place, you may find that some residue was also unknowingly tracked into your home, damaging interior surfaces like those tile and carpet floors. But, with the elite service of Puget Power Washing LLC, you can erase the worry of these common nuisances in one treatment. and, unlike some of our competitors, we don’t rely on harsh chemicals or cleansers, because when a small business serves their community the health, wealth and safety of your family comes first.

Power and Pressure Washing

Puget Power Washing LLC is a green business based out of Edmonds, Washington that offers both power and pressure washing services to homeowners. By applying pressure, water, and a little bit of heat if you opt for our power washing services, Puget Power Washers will effectively improve the safety and appearance of your home’s concrete surfaces.

Power washing is basically just pressure washing, but with actually very hot water that’s held slightly below boiling. Both techniques apply water pressures of approximately 3500 PSI, and a biodegradable surface cleaner designed specifically to clean your concrete surfaces in a safe and environmentally conscious way. Thanks to some special equipment that allows us to the heat water to over 180 degrees, if you have some tough-to-remove stains or grease buildup, our wash system also allows us to create variables pressures necessary to give your decks, concrete , patios and sidewalks that special treatment your property needs to look as good as new year-round.

When you run into tough stains, hot water is by far the most effective concrete cleaning technique. However, around the Puget Sound region, and the Greater Seattle Area specifically, a lot of companies just don’t offer power washing. Well, if you’re looking to protect your investment in the exterior surfaces of your home, look no further.

Whether it’s the shadows of an oil stain, or chewing gum from a BBQ you hosted some years ago, Puget Power Washers have the insight and expertise to de-grease, power wash, and climate protect all the concrete you’ve installed around your home. At Puget Power Washing, LLC we guarantee services that remove virtually all stains, and leave those tough-to-clean spots looking as good as new. More importantly, we guarantee the value, quality, and consistency that only comes with experience.


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