Benefits Of Roof Cleaning

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What are the benefits of roof cleaning? There are numerous advantages when dealing with a professional roof cleaning service like Puget Power Washing. The primary benefit is that removing dirt, grime, and organic growth protects the roof’s integrity and improves its curb appeal.

Regular cleaning improves the look of the roof and highlights damage, mold, and mildew growth in the earlier stages. Therefore, this service saves you money by pinpointing damage before it becomes expensive to repair.

The Primary Benefits of Regular Roof Cleaning

Remove Mold, Mildew, Algae, and Other Organic

All types of organic growth degrade the roof’s surface. Mold, mildew, and bacteria get more attention, but algae may be more dangerous. The roots not only dig into the shingles, but the plant itself absorbs sunshine.

The patchy growth of the algae means that your roof heats up unevenly, which causes hot spots in your home. Therefore, your HVAC system works harder to maintain a comfortable interior.

Organic growth:

  • Lowers the lifespan of your roofing materials
  • Potentially disrupts your property’s internal temperature
  • Might result in higher electricity bills
  • Lends an air of neglect to your property

You can easily prevent further issues with our professional roof cleaning service in your area.

Protects Your Gutter

Gutter cleaning may not seem to have much to do with curb appeal. However, when you start seeing weeds peeking over the gutter walls, you quickly understand the importance of keeping the channels clear.

The accumulation of dirt, grime, and fallen debris further highlights the importance of regular gutter cleaning. Leaving these compounds in place exerts increasing pressure on the walls of the channel. The weight may cause a break or shift in the channel alignment. Water will then gush directly onto the foundation.

Alternatively, the grime might stop up the down-pipe, preventing the water from draining away. You then have a similar issue regarding weight and will experience the adverse effects of gutter overflow.

Prevents Damage to the Building

Dirt may house leaves, branches, and other items that could be dangerous. These items might:

  • Scratch shingles
  • Crack tiles
  • Pierce the roof’s waterproof membrane
  • Come crashing down during a storm

Regularly calling in a roof cleaning service removes all manner of debris, safeguarding your investment.

Stops Nasty Smells

Rotting debris on the roof may contain fungus and mildew. Pests may nest amongst leaves and vegetation, adding to the unpleasant odor. Regular rinsing clears away rotting materials and creates a hostile environment for pests.

Rely on Our Team for Professional Roof Cleaning

When last did you clean your roof? Are you nervous about climbing up a ladder and hosing it off? We understand – it’s dangerous and complicated work, and you have far better ways to spend your weekend.

Puget Power Washing makes it so affordable to hire our local roof cleaning team, that it doesn’t make sense to do it yourself. Take a load off and trust us to do the dirty work. Our skilled roof cleaners work quickly and safely to make your roof gleam again.

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