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Puget Power Washing is the number one provider of high-quality and cost-efficient roof cleaning in Lake Forest, WA, earning stellar reviews from satisfied business owners and residents every month. We help them improve real estate values by leveling up how their homes and commercial properties look from the street and prolonging the lifespans of their structural investments.

Most people know they have to repaint their home exteriors every five years to keep mold and sun-caused discoloration at bay, but they take their roofs for granted. Hiring reliable roof cleaning services is essential to prevent algae, fungus, animal droppings, and debris from accumulating on your roof while minimizing the risk of personal injury.

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What Are the Benefits of Roof Cleaning in Lake Forest, WA?

Every year, our technicians entertain hundreds of calls from new homeowners and property managers who underestimate how time-consuming a roof cleaning project can be. Here are a few benefits of hiring trained specialists.

100% Safety

Professional roof cleaning in Lake Forest, WA, helps employees, residents, and business owners avoid the risk of falling off ladders and damaging expensive equipment.

Prolongs the Life of Your Roof

Algae and fungi can eat away sealants and asphalt glue when left unattended. They can also cause your shingles to become brittle and less resistant to harsh weather effects.

Upgrades Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is an industry term for how well-maintained your home or business structure looks from the street. Reports from the National Association of Realtors reveal that 100% of costs associated with exterior maintenance, such as roof cleaning, are recovered at the point of sale.

Better Energy Efficiency

The accumulation of fungus and debris can damage your insulation material, making your home less energy efficient and increasing your power bills. Our roof cleaning crew can help you prevent that with a maintenance schedule.

Creates a Safer Living Space

Algae, mold, and mildew can infiltrate your skylights and vents, creating respiratory problems for family members and guests. Periodic roof cleaning removes these contaminants and creates a safer living space for everyone inside a structure.

How Our Technicians Perform Roof Cleaning in Lake Forest, WA

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Our roof cleaning crew can sanitize concrete, vinyl membrane, wood, asphalt, and composite roofs and gutters for homes, commercial structures, and condominiums. Here’s our proven process:

·Customer consultation. We start by conducting an on-site inspection and evaluating your needs, creating data that we will use to provide you with a free quote with no hidden charges.

·Cleaning agents. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to kill mildew, algae, mold, and other organisms while loosening up grime, dirt, and debris.

·Roof rinsing. We use water and mops to remove all traces of sludge and discoloration from your roof.

·Post-cleaning checkup. Our technicians will conduct a visual inspection and make sure our customer is 100% satisfied with the results.

About Lake Forest, WA

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The suburban city of Lake Forest Park, WA, is one of the first master-planned mixed-use communities in Seattle, with designers and city planners envisioning it as a retreat for workers employed in the various industrial and manufacturing hubs around King County. Only about 4% of the total square footage has zoning clearance for large-scale commercial activity, and industrial hubs no longer have a presence inside the city.

Lake Forest Park is home to about 13,500 residents who enjoy its many nature reserves and parks, such as the Burke-Gilman recreational trail, which our technicians also frequent. Puget Power Washing serves businesses in the commercial core and residents in Horizon View and Sheridan Heights.

Contact Roof Cleaning Experts in Lake Forest, WA

Our technicians have decades of combined experience cleaning roofs, making us the company to call whether you want a complete house wash, window cleaning, or just your gutters cleaned. Contact our soft wash team at Puget Power Washing by dialing 206-210-3963 and receive a free consultation today for any soft and power washing services in Lake Forest WA.

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