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Protect your gutters roofs with our premier roof cleaning in Kirkland, WA, and Bellevue, WA. Call today to schedule your service. 

Our roofs are the unsung heroes of our homes. We seldom give them much thought, even though they perform a vital function on our property. The one time that your roof is likely to cross your mind is when there’s a leak or some other issue. 

Puget Power Washing LLC wants to change this mindset. We aim to inform our clients about the benefits of regularly cleaning debris from the roof. We want our clients to take proactive steps in maintaining their roof no matter the type of roof they have. 

Our team is here to assist with queries and provide comprehensive roof cleaning services that restore your roofing to its original glory. Call (206) 701-9280 to find out how affordable it is to hire us. 

The Benefits of Roof Cleaning Services in Kirkland, WA

When it comes to roof cleaning, Kirkland, WA, residents sometimes misunderstand the importance of regular effort. They either put the task off because they think they’ll get around to it or because they feel it’s unimportant. 

Here’s why you should not put off washing the roof.


As veterans in the roof washing services will tell you, cleaning roof debris is dangerous. It’s easy to slip on the sudsy water and either fall through the roof or off it. That’s why our team follows strict safety protocols to avoid injury and property damage.

Better Longevity

Dust is relatively harmless, but the substances within that dust are not. Acid rain forms when the rainwater dissolves the dust and pollutants. This potent compound begins to eat away the shingles unless you remove it quickly.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

A visitor to your home has nothing more to go on than what your home looks like today. If they see overflowing gutters and a filthy roof, they will likely believe you let your maintenance tasks slide.

Energy Savings

Your roof reflects a fair amount of light and heat. However, if the tiles are dirty or covered in mold, there is no surface for the light to bounce off. Instead, the tiles absorb the heat, resulting in several hot spots in the attic. Therefore, your air conditioning has to work harder, increasing your power bills.

Better Health

Dust may contain allergens, toxic spores, viruses, and other nasty germs. When the wind blows, these contaminants sail into your home through your windows. There are several reasons to keep your roof clean. However, the most important is that it staves off expensive repairs and replacements. Contact Puget Power Washing LLC today to receive your free estimate for our roof washing services.

Our Soft Washing Process in Kirkland, WA

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We’ve honed our craft over several years to ensure that you always get the best results: 

  • Consultation: While we can give you an idea of the cost over the phone, we follow up with an accurate estimate following an on-site visit. This visit allows us to assess what you need.
  • Application: We use a biodegradable cleanser to loosen grime gently and kill any organic matter. 
  • Rinsing: After letting the agent sit for a few minutes, we rinse it away with a hose. 
  • Inspection: We ask you what you think about our work and explain measures to take to maintain the look. 
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About Kirkland, WA

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Modern-day Kirkland sprang up as an agricultural center in the 1860s. Its convenient location also made it ideal for mining iron ore, coal, and limestone, prompting Kirk, the town’s founder, to make an unsuccessful attempt at producing steel. 

Today, the city features a strong cultural center at the waterfront, near the proposed spot of Kirk’s ill-fated steel mill. The downtown area is a cultural center brimming with restaurants. The Kirkland Performance Center and Kirkland Arts Center now feature metalworks of a different kind with many bronze statues. 

We proudly offer comprehensive roof cleaning in Kirkland, WA. Call Puget Power Washing LLC today at (206) 701-9280 for your free estimate.

The Perfect Choice for Quality Roof Cleaning in Kirkland

Is your roof looking dirty and dingy? Call Puget Power Washing at 206-210-3963 for trusted roof cleaning services to remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime from your roof. Make your home sparkle again!

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